Interviews & Media

 I have provided commentary on fashion, modeling, influencer culture, and branding to national radio, journals, podcasts, and blogs.
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Writing and Interviews

"Why Should Sociologists Care about Wearable Tech?" Footnotes: Magazine of the American Sociological Association, Fall 2021

"How the Kardashians Took Over the World," Los Angeles, May, 2021.

"Is Instagram’s Newest Sensation Just Another Example of Cultural Appropriation?," Fashionista, March 2018

"The Importance of Being Kim Kardashian," Cyborgology, December 2016

"Inspired by Kim Kardashian, a Feverish Legion of Followers Struggle to Achieve Online Fame," The Conversation, March 2016

Featured Guest in the American Prospect Journal of American Popular Culture, Spring 2016

"Between the Catwalk and the Consumer: Fashion’s Growing Diversity Gap," The Business of Fashion, October 2015

"Working it at Fashion Week," NYU Press Blog, September 2015


"I'm Mad, You're Mad, We're all Mad Here!" Never Post

"Not so Easy for Models," CUNY Book Beat

"On Modeling," The Society Pages/Office Hours


Museum of FIT: talk on This Year's Model

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness: Powering Change Elizabeth Wissinger on upcoming challenges for wearable technology